Application Process

Two students working in the open work space in Blanchard Community Center

First-year admission

If you’re driven by a love of learning and you’re ready to explore further, investigate deeper and discover more, we’re here to help you make it all possible. With a liberal arts curriculum that delivers an exploratory education and a vibrant campus that fosters collaborative community, you can build your own academic pathway and bond with friends and mentors who share your passions. As a women’s college that is gender-diverse, we welcome applications from female, transgender and non-binary students.

Application deadlines  Testing Policies

Application materials

*Important: Mount Holyoke requires the submission of midyear grades from transfer applicants in order to consider your application complete. If you attend a school that does not provide midyear grades, contact us for guidance.

No internet access? No worries — call us to discuss options for completing your application.